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Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Update- Ultrasound and Well Check

Today was another OB appt. and ultrasound. I'm 23w6d. It went great! Kailey was excited to color in the waiting room, and get more ultrasound pics of her brother. Baby is at 1 pound 7 ounces. Heartrate was 161 bpm. I gained another two pounds, and silly little mover was butt down today lol. It was nice to see my dr. He's so funny, and it's good to get positive feedback on how things are going. I told him about how Kailey wants to name him Tarzan. :) I got the ok from him to drive back home to MN in mid June. I go back June 13th to do my Glucose test, and then July 8th is my next ultrasound. Here's a few pictures from today!

Kailey being so good in the waiting room.

His face with his arm under his chin

His little foot

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  1. I love his squished up face!!! and the feet pics are always one of my favorites!! I love seeing pics of Tarzan (great name Kailey!!) .... I think that is what I will call him until he has an offical name. :)