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Monday, April 25, 2011

Exceptionally Normal

Today was a really huge day in our lives. At 19 weeks 6 days along, my anatomy scan was this morning. Everything looked great! He's measuring one day ahead. Heart rate at 161 bpm, he was moving all over, and he's 12 oz so far. ALSO!!! I have not been feeling him move very often, and it's made me a crazy wreck. Turns out, my placenta is in the front. So it's acting like a cushion, and making it harder to feel him. BIG relief. He had his hand up by his face, and his legs crossed at the ankles. :) At my last ultrasound a month ago, his position made it hard to see his spine, so that also needed to be checked off the list today. Looked good! It was reiterated that the heart looked good, but my echo was in a few hours, and that would be the final ok. I was still nervous.

Before long, we arrived at the cardio specialists office. My feelings overwhelmed me. I hadn't been there since before Caleb's birth, hadn't seen Dr. Dillon since right after he was born, and the anxiety was so high. The same woman greeted me when we walked in who had done every prenatal echo on Caleb. She is the sweetest. We hugged, and both of us filled up with tears. She said how sorry she was about Caleb, and that she was the one who came to the hospital and did his echo the night he was born. I had no idea, and I was so happy that she got to meet him.

The echo went GREAT. After long minutes of staring, pointing, and studying his little heart, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The tears came, as the words "exceptionally normal", "4 chambers and 2 vessels", and " looks great" were said. The tech said it was the easiest one she's ever done, and that they see nothing wrong. Because of Caleb, they will be doing an echo after the babys birth. But if we hadn't run into any previous issues, it wouldn't even be a thought.

Dr. Dillon gave his condolences, and hugged me before we left. It was so touching to hear that he was sorry about our sweet boy. He seemed very excited for us. So that is the news. Perfect, wonderful, great news. :) Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. Since my ob was out of town today, I see him next Monday afternoon to discuss things so far. Then my next ultrasound is in a month. Caleb sure is sending us a miracle.

Here are a few ultrasound pics from this morning. :)

His arm and hand is up by his face.

His little bottom and feet below.


  1. SO SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!! Praising God with you and for you!!!!!

  2. So very happy for you and your family. Congrats!!! What a relief when you hear those words, four chambers....

  3. Thanks for the update, such wonderful news on the heels of a somber day. Congratulations Doblars!!!

  4. Wow, this is such incredible news! A special, very blessed Rainbow Baby indeed. God is good, so good. :-)