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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Genetic Testing Conclusion

Well, Genetics called me this afternoon. Right as we were pulling into the parking lot of Cincinnati Children's, actually. Kind of ironic. We learned that my chromosomes are normal. Besides the small duplication, everything is fine, and I'm not affected by it. They do not believe that the duplication that Caleb also had, has anything to do with his heart defects. That is a good thing. :) They don't see any reason, genetically, for why it happened. We should be reassured they said. I have mixed feelings right now, but it IS good. There is nothing they found that is saying that we would have another heart baby in the future.


  1. I hope that having some answers is a help to you guys.
    - Melissa

  2. That is excellent news for the future! I know it doesn't give you any answers or that any other babies would ever take Caleb's place. But knowledge is good!!!