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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, September 29th

Caleb was doing good. :) Kyle spent the day with Kailey back at home, and I stayed with Caleb at the hospital. My mom and sister came up to the hospital in the morning, and we waited for the doctors to do their rounds. Once they came to our room, they told us that he should be stable throughout the weekend, and surgery would be Monday. It would be no problem to wait, we were told. As the day turned into evening, they began to get concerned with his blood pressure. The nurse told us that it was just lower than they wanted it to be. I was worried, and did NOT want to leave my precious boy. But I had to go back home and spend the night with Kailey, and be there for her too. It's so hard. As I was leaving, the nurse was giving him epinephrine, in hopes that it would help his blood pressure. She didn't seem too concerned, and I left with my mom and sister, hurrying back so Kyle could be at Caleb's side.

Well, the epinephrine didn't work, so they gave him calcium. It would be like an electrolyte for his blood pressure. I wanted to be with him more than anything, and my heart just ached for him. Such a strong little man!!! That night, sleep was rough. I woke up out of nowhere at 4:30 am. I checked my phone, no word from Kyle, and I just wanted to see how Caleb was doing. So I called the hospital, and got an update from the nurse. She said that his blood pressure was still a bit lower, but he was doing good. He had an iv in his head now. I got off the phone, and just couldn't sleep. I was worried about him, and just wanted to fix everything.

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