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Sunday, March 27, 2011

6 Long Months in Heaven

6 months in Heaven. 184 days without our baby boy. 4,416 hours have passed without seeing his face, holding him for the first and only time, and being at the hospital. Caleb is a part of our life, everyday. We talk about him, spend time in his room, and look at his pictures. How has it been half of a YEAR??? It feels like just yesterday. The pain is just as searing, the memories as vivid. I can't believe he's really gone, and I'll never see him again. Without warning, our world was turned upside down, flipped around, and shattered. I'm still trying to get it to sort of fit again. We released 3 balloons this afternoon. One for each day of his life. I got Kailey a pink balloon as well, because she remembered that we got her one to release from the funeral home 6 months back. Well, we got home and as she was playing with it, it popped. :( I almost started crying seeing her so upset. We went upstairs to Caleb's rocking chair, and I got her to smile by telling her that she could draw on each of his balloons, and let them all go.
All ready to be brought outside

Kailey's drawings on the balloons

Ready to let them go!!!

She's excited to send them to brother!

First balloon into the sky

Giving Kailey the last balloon

Up, up and away to Caleb!

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