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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Don't Want To Hear It

I hear it all the time. "Ugh, I'm so sick... my ankles are swollen... I'm so huge... just want this kid out..." The minor complaints of pregnant women everywhere. What they don't realize is how LUCKY they are. They are having a healthy baby. I can't stand to hear any of it. I was so sick with Caleb in the beginning, that until I was put on medication, I couldn't get up off the bathroom floor. And you know what? I would do that EVERY day for 9 months if it meant that he was here with us, alive and well.

It never really ends though. People complain forever. Maybe the child threw a tantrum in the store, was up early or late, or doesn't listen. I think to myself, you are seriously mad because YOU didn't get to sleep IN? There are families everywhere, who spend many sleepless nights in a row, watching over their baby/child in the hospital, praying that they will be ok. Families that, without warning, are told that their child didn't make it. Their lives are shattered, and as the world still goes on around them, they are left to pick up the pieces. So many don't realize how lucky and blessed they really are. To have their children with them, to be able to watch them learn and grow. The next time you are about to comment on how rough your life is, take a moment to really appreciate all that you have. Speak to them kinder, hold them tighter, and kiss them more often, spend more time. For there are so many that would give ANYTHING to do just that.


  1. very well said. I have to say that I have become jaded in many of the same ways.

  2. I feel the same way girl, but because of a different situation. Since Chris has had cancer, I hate hearing people complain. I'm like really??? You have a healthy husband that isn't fighting for his life. Get over it :)

  3. Love to you and your sweet family on this Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you and Caleb all day tomorrow. Oh, how I wish I could bring them all back.