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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Caleb's Birthday 9-27-10

Monday, September 27th was the big induction night!!! :) My husband, mom, and sister Lindsay, all got to the hospital with me at 8 pm. Every emotion was running through me, and I was pretty nervous to say the least. After signing all of the paperwork, the nurse checked me to see if i was dilated at all. We were anxious... I had never been checked during my pregnancy. We find that I'm between a 2 and a 3. :) Well, labor went pretty quick after that! Lol. By 10 pm or so, I was at a 5. They broke a hole in my water, and whew! Painful contractions after that. Got my epidural, and didn't push for more than 10 minutes. Caleb Thomas was born at 11:15 pm!!! 9 pounds 3.6 ounces, and 22 inches long. THAT's our boy! :)

He came out pink as can be, crying, and lots of hair! It was hard to believe by looking at him that anything was wrong with him at all. He was perfect, and made our family complete. They layed him on my chest wrapped up in a blanket. I'll never forget, he had his hand laying against his face. It was precious. I wanted to hold him forever, and never let go. But I knew that they needed to take him and do tests, echos, ultrasounds, etc.

Soon after, Caleb's cardiologist came in to speak with us. We talked about caleb's heart, and joked about his weight. :) That would be in his favor we were told. Before birth, we had known of 4 defects going on, and now the list was about 6. It's so hard to hear, I just wanted to fix him. He told us again that it's severe and complex, and that whatever path the surgeons chose to take, would not be black and white. There would be moderations and differences in comparison to other HLHS babies. Still trying to take it all in, and the excitement of having Caleb finally here with us, made it hard to sleep.

We were switched to a different room, and waited for Caleb to be brought in to us, before he was transported to Cincinnati Children's. They left around 3 am. They were so nice... brought his isolette right next to my bed, and opened the side so I could touch him. :) He was still doing great, very stable, and on room air. It's an hour drive, so Kyle got a bit of sleep, and then left to be by his side. I couldn't wait to get down there as well, I would've left right then if I could! About 2 pm, my Mom and sister came and brought me to see our little peanut. It was hard to see him hooked up to everything. We marveled at his reddish tinted hair :) He was PERFECT!

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